Learn from an Expert

Flower Workshop

Some of you will have been born with an intuitive flair for design whilst others will have a great desire to learn – the Pascal Lavorel Flower Workshop caters for both.

Our workshop is limited to a maximum of eight people or can be organised as a private booking, whichever meets your requirements we will ensure you get our personal attention. The day runs from 9.30 am to 4.30pm and we will supply you with all the materials and equipment that you need to create astonishingly beautiful and unique floral compositions in a very short time. You may have your own ideas on the type of floral designs you would enjoy creating, if so, we will show you how to fulfil those visions.

If you have little or no concept about where to begin, we will take you, step-by-step, through the stages of making floral bouquets and exquisite displays that you never thought would be possible.

Knowing Flowers and Plants

Understanding Flowers

During your day you will learn which plants and flowers not only look amazing together, but will enhance the beauty or uniqueness of each other, and, we suggest that you bring a camera to record each stage; students are also able to take their creations home.

Our Flower workshop will teach you how to release your inner artistic abilities, indeed ones that you never knew existed, and you will feel the thrill as you gradually produce a work of art. We will teach you the techniques used by professionals to create that special floral design, using not just the most perfect of flowers and plants but also by introducing different materials.

Floral Design as a Career

Career in Floristry

You may already be a florist looking to learn and develop new ideas, you might be curious and considering a career in floristry, or even looking to add a new skill to your armoury, either way, the Pascal Lavorel Flower Workshop will assist you in fulfilling your dreams and ambitions.

We will help you to find and develop your very own style, as this is what makes each florist an individual, and we will encourage you to discover and extend your aesthetic boundaries. This, in turn, will help you to learn your own limitations and to broaden them with regards to your application of shape and colours. There are, currently, no formal educational requirements to become a floral designer, however, if you can acquire a floristry qualification, such as the ‘National Certificate in Floristry’, this will give you the edge over other job applicants.

The Pascal Lavorel Flower Workshop will be able to help you towards this goal; please contact us for more information.

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