A Fabulous Innovation

Preserved Flowers

Picture the beauty of fresh flowers, then imagine those blooms lasting for months, even years, in the same stunning display, and with all the glorious memories that come with them – this is what we achieve with natural, preserved flowers.

By using a technology which has now been used for many years means real flowers and foliage will maintain their healthy appearance over a long period of time, and their delicate look makes them indistinguishable from freshly cut flowers. Preserved flowers offer so many benefits, including stunning low maintenance floral displays and bouquets that will enhance any surrounding.

Why Choose Preserved Flowers?

Beautiful Alternative

Our clients choose this unique and very beautiful alternative to fresh flowers for many different reasons, both for the home and the workplace. Imagine arriving home, or at work, week after week, to see a stunning centrepiece of, perhaps, hydrangeas and gardenias or a special bouquet of roses given by a loved one, that still look as good, with the same clarity of colour, as the day they were bought – such is the pleasure to be derived from preserved flowers.

They are also relatively maintenance-free, so ideal for people who are frequently away from home, hotels, restaurants, shops and offices where appearance and cost effectiveness is everything and wilting floral displays will simply not do. Preserved flowers, perhaps in something as special as a wedding bouquet, will invoke happy memories for a very long time.

Taking Care of Preserved Flowers

Superior Appearance

This is simplicity itself because there is no need to worry about constant watering or fertilising, and, as a bonus, preserved flowers don’t need to be placed in a sunny spot – in fact it is best to keep them out of direct sunlight to prevent fading. Even the darkest of corners and problem areas can be turned into a feature and a place of beauty. Preserved flowers and floral displays are very easy to keep looking pristine, simply by dusting them occasionally with a tissue, taking care not to damage the delicate leaves and petals; an alternative is to use a hair dryer on a cool, minimum speed as this will gently blow any dust particles away.

We pride ourselves on the quality and superior appearance of all our preserved flowers, so contact us to either discuss your requirements or to arrange an appointment to meet on-site.

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