My Philosophy

Pascal Lavorel

I believe that flowers are so much more than just decoration – they are memories, whether from the past or yet to be discovered. Perhaps the scent from a rose will invoke memories of a happy day, or maybe a specific flower that is or was a favourite of a loved one, will bring a smile to a face. I have always been passionate about immersing myself in my surroundings – a beautiful landscape, special shapes and colour combinations – and becoming a floral designer has given me the opportunity to express, not just my own emotions, but also those of my clients, by listening to and learning exactly what it is that they have in mind and then creating it to perfection. 

Sometimes my customers have just a glimmer of an idea, sometimes an exact preference or maybe they prefer to give me carte blanche, whichever it is, regardless of whether the floral arrangement is for a special occasion or a corporate event, my philosophy is that there is something special and individual about every flower and plant that I touch, just as the same applies to every person or business that I design for. It is just such individuality that makes me feel privileged and incredibly lucky to be able to work every day with flowers and all sorts of different natural materials, using my talent each time to create a new, stunningly beautiful design that represents the individual person or the corporate image.

It’s Personal

Dreams and Expectations

It is my personal goal to match my clients’ dreams and expectations as I want every bouquet and arrangement to have the wow factor; I am never trapped within a specific style; indeed, I relish adapting myself to different projects and challenges – the more innovative the better. Even subtle floral designs, perhaps for business occasions or reception areas, should signify the standards and style of the company they are representing. A brides wedding bouquet, church and reception flowers should reflect, not just the joyous occasion, but also the colour of the dresses and the personality of the bride herself, as every flower, no matter what the occasion, is significant and will leave lasting memories – this is when I know that I have achieved my goal.

I consider myself very fortunate to be able to work in floral design and would like to say thank you to all my clients for making it possible; every customer is different, and this is what makes my work so exciting – no two days the same. Discovering exceptional ways to present the finest bouquets, floral arrangements and plants is a delight, as is the look of pleasure on my customers faces upon seeing the flower or plant arrangements that I have designed especially for them. Using new materials to incorporate into displays is a rewarding challenge and often turns what is already a beautiful flower arrangement into something unique. 

My philosophy is very clear – each floral arrangement or bouquet must be created with the individual client in mind, using the very best fresh or preserved flowers which have been carefully selected for their colour, shape and beauty – only then am I satisfied.

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