Our Work


I first became a florist in 1986, working closely together with Anouska Hempel, one of the world’s most renowned designers, then, in 1991, I formed my first business, Pascal Lavorel Flowers, which became Pascal Lavorel Limited in 2002. I travelled to the United States where I received the finest training possible with the Red Carnation Hotel Group, under the direction of world acclaimed hoteliers and designers Mrs Beatrice and Mrs Antoinette Tollman.

Since opening my florists in Battersea, I have acquired numerous prestigious private and corporate accounts and am very proud of the reputation myself and my team have achieved. We have created spectacular displays in venues for up to 300 guests, including everything from small hostelries through to luxury hotels like the Chesterfield hotel, Intercontinental Park lane and Athenaeum Hotel. Bars, shops and restaurants like Benares, Bellamy’s and Tamarind restaurant, retailers such as Versace, Hermes, Giberg, Cartier.

Innovative Designs

The Spectacular

We are delighted to have prepared floral arrangements for the Mono Flower School in Japan, the 10 year edition of the Tennis Open Gaz de France in Paris, UNESCO in Paris for the visit of His Royal Highness Prince Charles plus private parties in Kensington Court Gardens and the Milestone Hotel outdoor Christmas decorations, to name but a few.

It is important to me and my staff that as much information as possible is gathered from our clients; this will then be followed through with sketches. Sometimes a client would like me to create displays for a theme or event, putting their trust in me completely to produce the spectacular; this I relish, and, with my 30 years of experience plus the massive advantage of having prepared exotic displays around the world, I will never disappoint.

A special part of my philosophy is that by knowing my clients’ own style, taste and personality, I can create floral arrangements that they can identify themselves with, simply by using favourite colours, scents and designs, whether it is, for example, geometric, cascading or a more traditional fan shape. 

We are not trapped into any particular style, in fact we relish the opportunity to adapt to different projects, so, whatever floral requirements are needed you can be confident in the knowledge that our professional team will captivate and impress guests or customers with our exquisite, innovative designs.

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